5 Use of Credit Cards That Make People Envious

For many people, having a credit card is a blessing. So many uses of credit cards that can be used to lighten everyday life.

Indeed, a credit card is like a double-edged dagger. If used appropriately and in accordance with the purpose, its usefulness will be felt. Meanwhile, if not careful, woe to the consequences.

You who have enjoyed the use of credit cards, including first class dagger users. You have been able to take responsibility as a credit card user.

Conversely, for those who have credit cards and get into debt because of their use, it’s better to review your ownership. It could be that there are many out there who are more worthy of having the magic card.

After all, not a few of those who are curious want to feel the use of credit cards but keep failing. The reason is none other than the rejection they get when applying for a credit card.

Then what exactly is the use of credit cards? The following are:


Simplify transactions

Simplify transactions

Imagine you want to buy a laptop for $20 million. When you bring cash, of course it will be troublesome. You must carry a large envelope, but it can be seen conspicuously and there is a risk of theft. There is no way for that kind of money to fit in a wallet.

Transactions will be easier if you use a credit card. Simply insert a thin card, payment can be completed without hassles.

Even for transactions with smaller values, the use of credit cards is very visible. Make monthly shopping at the supermarket, for example. You and the cashier do not need to count sheets after sheets of money when paying. Simply swipe, sign or enter PIN, done.


Avoid fines

Avoid fines

The use of a very valuable credit card is to prevent additional expenses due to negligence. You must have regular bills every month, such as telephone, water, electricity, and cable television.

Everyone’s busy life is different, but there is a possibility that you will get lost in work activities or whatever and forget to pay the bill. The key to avoiding fines due to negligence is a credit card.

This marketplace works closely with service providers in payment. You can pay your bills manually or automatically, just manage. But don’t forget to keep checking the nominal bill. Do not pay more than usage.


Foreign exchange instruments

Foreign exchange instruments

For those of you who often travel abroad, it feels less afdal if you do not have a credit card. One of the uses of credit cards is as a medium of exchange in force abroad.

There are two types of credit card networks in Indonesia, namely Mastercard and Visa. Depending on your credit card network, transactions abroad can be done without having to exchange money into the country’s currency.

Later the nominal transaction is converted to rupiah in accordance with the current exchange rate. You just pay the bill after the vacation is over.


Manage finances

Manage finances

If using a credit card, all transactions are recorded properly. The expenditure data is in the billing statement, complete with the transaction date. This means you can manage finances more closely.

You can use last month’s expenditure data to manage finances next month. For example, last month used up $2 million for A, B, C, to Z. Next month that figure could be a benchmark as a maximum expenditure limit.

It’s different if you record expenses manually. There could be expenses that escaped the record, especially the small ones. Credit cards can help with this problem.

The use of credit cards to manage finances is also apparent when there is an emergency and urgent funding is needed. For example the house leaked during the rainy season so it needs immediate renovation.

When money is thin, credit cards are the solution. You can pay behind using a credit card. You can even use the installment facility with interest up to 0 percent for 24 months.


Relieve expenses

Relieve expenses

Everyone wants to ease expenses, including you for sure. With a credit card, expenses will be lighter because of the various promotions offered.

For example cash back or a percent discount from credit card transactions. Or points that can later be exchanged for certain prizes, such as free airplane tickets, when you have collected a lot. It could also be a 0 percent installment that makes expenses lighter every month.

A series of credit card uses can not be denied making many people jealous, especially those who do not have it. If you feel you have not been able to drink the benefits of the credit card, you have not been able to maximize it. Now is the time to change.

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